2012 wierd starting problem

Ok so i have a wierd starting issue where my bike will not start unless its at room temp, we tested all the possible plugs and only possible issues weve come down to are... 1) bad rectifier... We tested rectifier and everything came out good except for one ohmed out a little high, or 2) bad condenser.. we didnt really test the condenser, but since the rectifier ohmed out mostly good we're thinking condenser but even in the service manually i cant find much on how to test it and what not. Can anybody help me???

do you use the choke when it's cold?

have you set the idle knob to a high setting?

has it always done this, are you the first, or other owner?

When its cold (freezing) my bike takes alot of kicks to get going. How cold are we talking? If its like 50 deg fahr. and it starts hard-thats different story. Need more info to really help.

I bought it new. It may have started early 2013 but once the weather is warm it starts fine so i never really picked up on it until a couple days before worcester ax this year. i had it in my basement to work on it and started it up with no issues. Then friday morning of the race i took it from my house to the arena which is only 45 minutes away (it was single digit temps)  and when i got there it wouldnt start and i couldnt ride friday. Saturday after it had sit inside and we tried heating it up some it started. we went thru absolutely everything and have come down to the two things i listed above.

try starting without the choke on, I never use the choke on my 2013

Thats why-im i pennsylvania. When its blue balls cold-they are next to impossible to start. Alot of guys put a space heater on them when its that cold.

If its tuned right try this next time in the cold.  Pull the choke, whack the throttle twice, kick thru slowly once and get to TDC, then kick it.  Then let it warm up for quite awhile.

Does anybody know how to test the condenser to see if it's bad?

Its just a capacitor. Need a capacitance meter. Electronics store may have one. The rating is micro farads. Or Uf. Can actually buy a capcitor from electronic store that is equivalent and try. It was posted on the forums the rating. I do not remember off hand. Might be in manual.

if the capacitor is bad, most likely ist either a short or a broken connection.

i made some charts that shows for the voltage it only takes 100ms to drop below 5V, so hard to measure.

at least if you measure full voltage (at kicking), there is no short...


you can also replace the capacitor with a 12V battery to see if it will start better

does anybody know the actual condenser numbers, trying to find it in service manual cant find it

does anybody know the actual condenser numbers, trying to find it in service manual cant find it

charge the capacitor with a 12 volt sorce and then put a dc volt meter acros it itshould hold the voltagr for quite some time I checked one today and it charged up to 20 volts and heldit for over 20 seconds better than a Honda capacitor

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