what could've caused this? (leaky fork seals on brand new bike)

I've had my 2014 ktm 250sx for 3 weeks now, I have 4.5 hours on it and the fork seals are super leaky.  I have been super careful when washing the bike to not spray the pressure washer near the seals. When I picked the bike up, the guys at the dealership put new springs in for my weight, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you even touch the seals to put new springs in. So, any ideas how this could've happened?  By the way the dealership is replacing the seals for free, just trying to figure out how this happened so quickly.

Probably just some grit under the seal… run a piece of 35 mm film, business card or seal doctor/mate around the seal.

swap out to SKF seals ?

Can't help with your problem but a friend of mine picked up a new left over 13 KTM 150 and on his first ride out he over jumped a massive table top and flat landed badly and surprisingly caused both seals to split!!

The 14 has skf seals std I'm guessing it's mud under seal as said previously

It's proper to wipe off your fork tubes after each ride.

Here in cali in ceartain spots we have silt that attracts to the forks like crazy and is so fine it makes it past the seal with ease.

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