Gasket compatibility

Can someone tell me if the xr200 and xr 185 gaskets are interchangeable? I see tons of top end gasket sets for all years of xr200s. But not much luck for the 185. Thanks

Go to the "ServiceHonda" web site and compare part numbers on the different gaskets. Then order the parts you need since your there anyway.

Or go to your local Honda dealer and have them look it up for you.

Then you can order the parts you need right there.

Your local dealer is there to help you and the do appreciate your business.

(Or at least they should anyway) lol

(I know I know, don't get me started)

The 185 is smaller in OD on the firering(the part that actually seals the cylinder/piston) 185 was a couple mm smaller in bore than a 200. 200 gasket will work but lowers compression slightly.  Remember if you want a little more power and cc's a 200 piston can be used. Certain atc had a very dished piston for about 8-1 compression. Most atc 185 and XL185 was about 9-1 and XR185 was 10-1.

Thanks again. all the advice is really helpful. So with the 200 piston. does a stock 200 piston work in an xr185 cylinder if it is bored or do you have to get a different sleeve? sorry xr noobie here for sure.

Yes I have one on a XR200 with a big bore piston.

that is good news. they are all over ebay. I think I will wait until the cylinder is off and have it checked. hopefully the either stock or 1st oversize bore will work. I am seeing whole topend kits from wiseco for $125.00 with free shipping. that seems pretty reasonable.

If you look hard you may even find a 65.00. Stock XR200 was 65.5 and 66 is typical bore. The 65.5 and 66 will both bore into a xr185 cylinder. If you want some real compression(these motors love it as big boost to bottom-midrange) look for a wiseco atc 12-1. Was never listed for XR but same piston. Just be sure not the SX atc from 85-6???

I will definitely keep looking. Does a 12 to 1 require special gas or will it still run on pump gas? thanks

Air cooled, old technology combustion chamber, high compression = race gas!

Yes, to be safe use race fuel. Minimum 100 octane or more depending on temp, load and altitude

I think I better stay closer to stock. At least until I see how the engine performs. I like the idea of more hp though. Maybe down the road:)

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