'97 KX250 ready for spring!

Pulled it all down and replaced anything plastic or rubber, replaced and lubed the suspension bearings as needed, had forks and shock completely rebuilt and resprung, new tires and seat cover, and new chain/sprockets. I set my sag today and went to blast it around some drainage areas near the house.


This is the first bike that I have done all this to and I cant believe the difference! I've never owned a bike that felt like it was working with me and doing what I want effortlessly! I was really missing out with the other bikes that I just rode as is. I am a casual rider but a buddy is getting me on an easier MX track here pretty soon so I'm looking forward to that. To all those who made suggestions in my previous posts about this bike, thank you.






Wow that looks amazing. Great work!

Thats one clean kawi

Thanks! Is it normal for new packing to smell like death after you ride? I used the Fly packing. It's the only thing I can think of that would smell. I'm using Motul 800 @ 32:1.

Very cool, I did that to mine over the winter and its very reassuring to know that you put litterally everything back together and you KNOW that it was done right.


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