My DRZ needs a friend

Hey all

So I'd like to get a second dual sport thumper in the 400-500cc range. I definately would like to have fuel injected, and something reliable and easy to maintain like the drz, but I can't decide on which.


Husqvarna 610 SM. 08 is fuel injected. Maintenance on the 610 isn't bad at all. Guys on SMJ have 50k on them with no issues.


Husky FTW!!! if you can find a dealer near you that has some (old 2013 and below but new BMW) husky stock left you can get a fire sale deal for sure and walk out with a brand new husky DS for next to nothing! i know around here they had them marked down to like 6 out the door and i probably would have gotten one but they wouldnt take my atv in on trade for any value! so instead i got a Z. a 310R i here i really nice and the 511 are nice also! but thats if you want a new bike!

ya i'd like a new bike, 2014 or a deal on a leftover 2013.


been lookin at ktm, yami, kawi,  husky, aprilia, husaberg etc...


if the new drz was fuel injected i would buy it.


i'd prefer a street legal dual sport under 500cc.

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Well you cant get a new aprilia in the states as they dont sell them and second it isnt a thumper (V TWIN power) but you can usually find a used one for sale but be warned they are not DRZ reliable! they are race bikes and youd prob spend more time wrenchin then ridin. Yami 450 are a good choice they are suppose to be as reliable and fuel injected and not to hard on the pocketbook like a KTM would!but you would have to plate it and idk what plating laws in florida are! same with the Kawi also. Husky doesnt sell plated bikes anymore since KTM took over but like i said you can get screaming deals if you find BMW Husky stock somewhere! whats the bike gonna be for? are you splitting duties between the DRZ and the other bike or having the drz for streets and lighter bike for offroad/fireroad?

i plan to use my new bike mostly off road like my drz. I'm relocating out west and will do some mountain riding with lots of changes in elevation. I'd also like to have a second bike to ride while i'm doing any r/r to the other.

2013 husky 310r is a sweet bike! pretty lite at 240 and can be had new for around what a drz costs or maybe less now that the new KTM bikes are out! Most def a woods and short commute bike. Dont know on maintenance though as i dont have one but i havent heard to many bad things about them! only that they have narrow gear ratios. but its built to be a woods bike that you can ride to the woods not a commuter that you can ride offroad sometimes like the DRZ

WR 450 , bullet proof and well sorted .

WR 450 , bullet proof and well sorted .

Just what I was going to say. You might not want to ride your DRZ after buying the Yamaha though.

how does the wr compare to the ktm

Great article thanks. Welp, I'm 5'9" about 230 lbs. My drz has to be over 300 lbs. with the clark and all the protective plates on it. It was a bitch at first I have to tell ya, but I got used to it. Instead of trying to lighten the bike I just hit the gym instead hehe. Even with the kuba lowering link and the front lowered to match, I hold my self steady at traffic lights with just my toes touching the ground. Got used to that too no problem there. I only do day rides, no overnight or multi day stuff. I also want a bike I can bring to the track on practice day to work on my basic skills. Thats the main reason why I'd like to not go above a 450cc. Ya I know jumping my '01 drz is not pleasurable. Even on small jumps I hear and feel a big wack when i land. I intend to beef up the suspension. I also intend to get steering dampers for both bikes for those highway rides. I typically won't ride street/hiway more than 2 hours to the dirt, but will do a 6-8 hour day in the dirt.

A KTM or Husky would be your 2 best factory street legal, ready to go options.  I haven't ridden any newer bikes from either manufacturer other than the KTM690 that I used to have but I'm sure the bikes from each are pretty comparable.  KTM has the 350EXC that's supposed to be a really nice compromise between a 250 and 450, more power than the former and less weight than the latter.  If you can plate an off-road only vehicle in your state without too much hassle, then you can pretty much get any bike you want and just convert it.

I would be thinking wr450 I almost got one but I would have had to trade my zed in. From what ive read there about as bullet proof as a drz. Yammaha has had that 5 valve engine for a long time and its proven to be reliable. It's fuel injected with better suspension and lighter than a drz you can pick them up for a good price to thats what I would do! :ride: .. or that husky 610 that things sexy.

Husqvarna 610 SM. 08 is fuel injected. Maintenance on the 610 isn't bad at all. Guys on SMJ have 50k on them with no issues.


+1,  how's your 07 Brandon, miss the DRZsm vibration and only 5 gears? :devil:

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+1, how's your 07 Brandon, miss the DRZsm vibration and only 5 gears? :devil:

I'm honestly tempted to say good bye to the DRZ and stick with the Husky. Since mines an 07, if it was FI I would keep it, but I got it for a deal (traded it for an 05 DRZ that I paid 2700 bucks for) so after I sell it I'm going to give my Z a lot of new parts, finally bump up the engine and cams and be happy it's still my main ride. Edited by Brandon B

k so I think I narrowed it down to these...

Yami WRF 450

KTM 450 XC-W

Husqy FE 501


All fuel injected, the ktm and husqy have hydraulic clutch, and the husqy has 6 gears.


So I know what features I like (husqy), but I don't know how these compare in maintenance  $$parts$$ and accesories.


k so I think I narrowed it down to these...

Yami WRF 450

KTM 450 XC-W

Husqy FE 501


All fuel injected, the ktm and husqy have hydraulic clutch, and the husqy has 6 gears.


So I know what features I like (husqy), but I don't know how these compare in maintenance  $$parts$$ and accesories.



It is my understanding that the 6-speed box in the Husky 501 is the same as in the KTM 500 EXC, which is again similar to the 6-speed box in the '09-'12 Husabergs. This is very very nice gearing - not only 6 gears but very good ratios - wide and flexible, and the motor has the torque and power spread to easily work the wide-ish ratios. With the right sprockets, you'll have a 1st for crawling and 5th/6th for blasting past anything on the highway while maintaining sane RPM's. 


The Husky 501 is essentially the KTM 500 EXC but with a linkage rear suspension - like the DR-Z. From reading the initial reviews, the linkage sounds good - stable, predictable, plush in the right places and firm in the right places. Reliable and robust too, which are afaik the main worries (i.e. that the linkage could be hit by rocks and damaged - it seems to be well placed and protected.)


W.r.t. maintenance, I'd guess that the motor and general ease of access are the most important. These things you can find out about by reading about the KTM 500 EXC. AFAIK that motor's reliability is quite good. There was a motor strip log of the KTM 350 with some miles on it (very similar if not practically identical motor), and the results were good.


I'd think that the parts and accessories situation is the basically the same for the Husky 501 as for the KTM 500 EXC.


And - If the new Husky 501 interests you, then you might also want to check out the aforementioned KTM 500 EXC as well as the '13-'14 Husaberg 501 - essentially the same as the KTM 500, so linkless rear - and the '09-'12 Husaberg line, of which I believe only the Husaberg 570 was road-registered / easily registerable in the US.


(P.s. You can take any of these bikes on an MX track! The suspension valving is the only thing that would be holding you back slightly - but then again the suspension is valved for offroad, not MX. Clickers / suspension adjustment will help a great deal.)


(P.p.s., I went a similar route as you did - gave my DR-Z a friend to hang out with :) I'm VERY happy with the decision! It's great to have two strong reliable bikes with slightly different personalities ... the DR-Z is still the do-anything unkillable "magic horse" / loaner / winter beater, and my Husaberg 570 is just an insanely smooth rocketship that gives me goosebumps but can still go anywhere at any time. So cool to have two bikes that will do anything / go anywhere I want - when I'm fiddling with one, I can always jump on the other and escape reality ...)


P.p.p.s.!: What did you have in mind when thinking of parts and accessories?

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good info! this is helping alot


afa accessories,  extended fuel tanks, mirrors, bash protection, exhaust, head/tail lights, seat, lowering link, damper etc.

afa parts i'm just concerned about price e.g. filters, bearings, clutch, odd size stuff that may be hard to get. but at the same time most of that stuff can be had online in a week or so.


re maintenance: afaik the drz has the least intensive maintenance schedule. I'd prefer not to have to overhaul or change out pistons at 5k miles or something like that.

surprisingly the 400-500cc range of these bikes all seem to be close in weight. I fugure if i am comfortable handling my 300lbs+ drz I guess the 500c won't be that bad at all.


I like the linkless rear and I like that the ktm exc 500 has a kick start. And you are right, the specs btw the husqy, husa and ktm are virtually identical. I might be leaning towards the ktm.

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      -11640 miles . Mild off-road never wrecked.
      -Oil / filter changed every 1500 miles
      -New did chain , brake pads , front sprocket at 10400 miles .
      - valves checked and within spec at 10,000
      - jetted with JD kit and 3x3 mod
      -doubletake mirrors
      -waterproof usb wired and located next to Speedo
      - drc large foot pegs , barkbusters with integrated turn signals . 12oclocklabs tall delete with upgraded circuit board
      -thumpertalk case savers
      -sergeant seat (amazing) and Clarke 3.9 tank (190mile range )
      - fog lights wired in so they shut off with high beams
      -Shorai lithium battery
      -led headlight

      - stock gas tank and seat will be included

      The bike is dirty in photos and I apologize my water is currently disabled outside due to freezing temps . Radiator guards and skid plate NOT included but can be for some extra $$. Rear tire could be replaced but front is fine .