What suspension Weight?

So I have decided that I need to re spring my drz400e. The previous owner had it sprung for him and he was 170-200 pounds At max, And I am 255 Non geared so needless to say the suspension doesn't feel good when doing any sort of rough riding. I ride lots of tight rocky trails, and Some fire roads, And any chance I get I take Jumps. Would really like some help as to what weight spring for me.



255 non geared(but dropping, So maybe spring it a Little lighter)

Rocky tight trails.


Any idea what Kg for the rear? And I am very new to suspension so I guess the front has to be resprung as well?


I plan to keep this bike for years. I am 16 and it fits how I enjoy riding perfectly. 


If tire sizes make a difference or anything, 120/100 rear putting a 90/100 on the front.


Bike compresses suspension a ton when I take the smallest jumps. Tire rubs the pipe, a lot since its so easy to compress.


Any advice is Greatly appreciated!

Race Tech 6.0 (shock) - .52 (forks).

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Is race tech the only option?

Is race tech the only option?


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I just put in a set of 6.0/.50 racetechs in mine this weekend, feels better bouncing in the garage lol, need a little more snow to melt so i can ride it

Re Valve with 5wt oil will get the best results , along with the correct spring rate .

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