wr400f stator cover aluminum spacer between LH engine case

I'm sure this aluminum spacer is an aftermarket, that sits between the left engine case and the stator cover. Anyone know why it would be there?


Flywheel weight ?

Anyone else have any ideas? Can't be the only one.?

High output stator

Years ago I had a wr 400 that I put a Steahly flywheel weight on. It had the spacer like you discribe, it was needed because the flywheel weight made the flywheel wider (and heavier)

Take the stator cover off and have a look!

Anyone else have any ideas? Can't be the only one.?


Why not?

I think I'll have to take it apart and find out sometime. Not today though. I just got my license plate today so when it warms up outside (maybe in june) I'll see if the headlight is up to snuff. I still run that on the ac current. Thanks for all your replies.

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