2010-2013 oversized tanks? pics? rad brace fitment?

I bought a IMS tank and the shrouds will not bolt on around my MSR rad braces...........Even after trimming the inner ribs on the shrouds...... Doh!

Has anyone else had this problem?


Anyone have a Clarke or Acerbis tank with these braces? would like to know if fitment is an issue?


Also would love to see PICS of both tanks if you have them........Especially the Acerebis in natural.....




If anyone wants the IMS Id ship it to the lower US for $225

its black and has not even had gas in it, just fitted once......



let me know


Got pics? How big is it?

Oh, crap, it's for the older bikes, my mistake. I need one for 2014-250.

Im interested. Im taking my darn wc radiator braces off. All they do is brake the shrouds. Ill buy a different style brace

Does the oem gas cap fit?

Pm sent, stock cap fits but it comes with its own too.

Anyone have feedback on the Clarke or acerbis????

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