Truck help!

I am 15, turning 16 soon, and ride a lot. I drive to school every day and to work. I had to 1987 toyota totally base model and loved it, but, a front main seal leak ended that. I've saved and gotten a new (to me) 1999 Dodge ram 1500 reg. cab long box. I love it, but the horror stories in this thread: , has got me a little worried, are all these horror stories on newer rams or should I start saving money for repairs now?

Don't worry about car problems till you have car problems. My buddy had a 99 ram 1500 with 150k on it with only minor issues. (Lights on dash went out, rear main had a small leak.) never had a driveability issue. Every make/model has its supporters and haters. And every make/model will have problems. Just drive the piss outta it!

Alright, thanks, i was worrying over nothing, after looking at truck forums I'm not worried about it.

A good rule is to ALWAYS save whenever you can.  Not just for car repairs, but for anything that comes your way.  I never live paycheck to paycheck because I have money saved up.  Start saving young and you'll be good to go.

Be happy with your purchase.  I have a 99 ram 1500 that my dad bought new.  It has been used for construction its whole life.  Dad had a rack and tool boxes on it and loaded it with lumber sand gravel whatever.  I have a shell on it and it is always packed with tools usually it weighs in aroud 6000lbs.  At this point I don't like towing with it but I have done that also.  The first transmission went bad around 350,000 miles.  The truck now has about 415,000 I drive it daily and it still easily passes smog and is mostly trouble free, though it is starting to burn a bit of oil.  Dad now has a 2007 ram 1500 that has round 200,000 miles its major problem has been a few fuel pumps and a heater core.  Between us we've owned Chevy Ford and Dodge, we drive a lot and there's no brand loyalty, just a desire to have a good truck.  These have been the most reliable trucks we've ever owned.

Go pick up a Toyota. They are built on reliability.


I personally had a Durango. It was a money pit.

why wouldn't you just fix the front main on the yota? i mean if there was anything left of the body it'd be well worth it.

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