MSR Folding Mirrors Compatible with a RAM Socket?

I am looking at doing a mirror setup that involves the current MSR folding mirrors that are on the bike now that by the tape measure read in the 3/4 in range. I haven't dealt with the RAM socket and ball setup myself and what I'm seeing for cameras, GPS and such are say that the are 1". Question is do  you think that the MSR's would clamp into these


   I'm looking to do a 1/4 20 tap into the aluminium part of my hand guards and put one of these. and then use the prior part in between the mirror and handguard. think it'd work? Looking like something that could easily be taken off if I Truck it into my riding spot or small enough to tuck behind the Acerbis handguards. 

No they are too small. There's a mirror called a double take I think that works with ram mounts.

I've seen those, but was looking to make some that tuck behind the guards. The Doubletakes seem abit long and tuck behind the headlight and would cover my Trailtech computer. I wonder if I could cut off the MSR ball and do some mods to make one of the RAM balls work.

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