Kx250 float bowl

Hey everyone I just perchased a 1999 kx250 and everything is really clean!...but after further examination the float bowl has a thick layer of an oil/sludge mixture covering the bowl and I know a few things about bikes but not about this im just curious as if this is normal and I can just clean it or is it a gasket or somthing hellpp pleasssee!! :)

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I've never come across oil deposits in a carb. That would be a red flag for me. It's start at the top and works way down. Flush tank. Put in new premium gas and good quality 2 stroke oil at 32:1. Then pull carb. Since I've discovered ultra sonic machines. I do not clean carbs anymore. It's worth the little money to have it Ran thru the ultra sonic. It will get crud you could never get in your garage doing it yourself. Then pull plug look at piston dome. I'd even go as far to pull reed cage and inspect reeds, that way you can look at the intake side of the piston too.

Sorry what I ment to say was that its on the outside of the float bowl and I just dony know were to check for oil leaks or anything like that

And ive been trying to start it but now it wont hopefully its just due to the cold (my garage isnt heated)

Sounds like its just dirty. Is it oil, or dirt? My carb was REALLY dirty before I physically scrubbed the outside, and still didnt get all the dirt out of the cracks.

Its dirt and oil and im just tryingn ti figure out were it could be comeing fron

Its dirt and oil and im just tryingn ti figure out were it could be comeing fron

Either the fuel is leaking out of the bowl or it's chain lube getting flung onto the side of the crab.

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