2009 exc 300 mods

about to buy a 09 exc300 and just wanted to know if there are any good mods i should do befor getting out an hitting the trails

ill be doing mostly enduro riding and maby a bit of track work

Well….It should perform just fine they way it is if it's in decent shape before any mods.

As Gruberyz suggested, a Rekluse is a good mod, I have one on my 09 as well as a LHRB. I also had Slavens do a head mod

when I redid my top end (at 200 hrs, many opinions as to when this is necessary). Jetting may need to be redone as well. I replaced the stock 2.9 gal tank with a 

Clockworks 3.3 gal tank, am running a Scotts damper (IMO a must have), but I will say the first thing you should do is properly set the race sag

and have the front suspension set (with proper springs) for your weight and riding style.

what is a rekluse isn't it just a brand

rekluse is an automatic clutch for your bike makes it not stall. I would just make sure your bike is protected good. skid plate, pipe guard, disk guard radiator gaurds. I would just ride the bike then using the stock clutch and see how you like it, the rekluse maybe nice but not a necessity especially for me I cant afford one. have fun.  

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