2010 crf250 clutch

i have a question about my clutch.

I've messed with my lever/cable and this doesnt help either.

so heres the problem, i can pull my lever in all the way (it doesnt matter how much you pull it) and if i go to put it in gear, the bike wants to pull forward, and most of the time it just dies (like i cant hold the clutch with the bike running in gear if i want to stop and talk to one of my buddies for a sec). its hard to shift when im riding and sometimes really hard to find neutral.

my guess is that it needs new clutch plates and springs. is that right? or could it be something more serious?

one more question, my radiator leaked some coolant and was boiling the other day. i checked the oil, on both sides and it was fine, so its not that its leaking into the engine. but the cap is really easy to take off on the radiator. my old 08 and my friiends new 14 was hard to take off. is it a possibility that i need a new rad cap?

For the clutch, it would be one of 2 things, your bike sat for a while and some of the plates stuck together or your clutch basket has formed grooves in it not allowing the discs to move apart from eachother.

That's true... I bought it from a buddy and it sat there for a few months

As far you clutch is concerned. I had a problem on my 2010 where the basket got grooved and had the same symptoms as yours. If you find somebody who knows what they're doing they can file down the grooves and it should last for a season easily before symptoms arise again. This is only temporary fix however, the ultimate fix would be to get a new clutch kit. I bought the wiseco clutch kit with new springs plates and the basket. And as far as your rad cap is concerned I would change the coolant if you haven't already, I use engine ice, and get a high pressure rad cap. 

I took apart the clutch today. The plates were kinda stuck to each other. Like I pulled one plate up and another came with it. I looked at the basket and it had small grooves. Barely anything really. I talked to my buddies mechanic and he said it was prob cause the bike sat for a few months. I put it back together and the clutch works now. I'm going to take it apart again and soak the plates in oil for 30 mins tomorrow.

As for the coolant, I'm going to drain it, put engine ice, get a high pressure rad cap. What pressure should I get? 1.3,1.6, or 2.0?

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