Launch Control Mount

I was riding today and the screw that holds on the launch control button fell out.  I also lost the metal bands and it looks like a piece of plastic fell off too.   Does anyone know where I might be able to buy those parts?  OEM only sells the whole wire and it is $88.00.

Just cut it off :)

Haha but I'm pretty sure those clamps are generic and you can get them at a hardware store. The same clamps are used on the kill button if you need a reference. Worst case scenario, you could always attach it another way or even somewhere else. I'm thinking top of triple clamp with zip ties?

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The black plastic piece would be what would worry me. Look into the button where it came out and see if it is holding something in place or acting as an insulator like some kill switches. I've seen a zip tie holding one on one guys bike that had Twinwall bars on it and the stock clamp wouldn't fit around it.

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