Is this head/cylinder toast? (04 yz125)

This is my first 2 stroke engine tear down in over 10 years.  

Are these headed for the recycle bin or can these be refurbished? 


Athena cylinder... can they be sleeved?

OEM head as far as I can tell.  

I'm looking for the cheapest fixes.  I found a couple of heads on ebay for ~$60 - $90.  Decent cylinders are not so cheap.

-thanks, your advice is appreciated.





You need new everything. Crank included.

Best start Savin them pennies... There's no way any of that is salvageable. What the hell happened to it?

Yeah the skirts on the cylinder that have broken off would be difficult if not impossible to replace/ repair unless a sleeve came with them which they might. And by the time you welded and recut the head you would be spending more than buying a used piece off of ebay. I vote used head off ebay and a new jug.

That head is fine, you will have no issues using it like that. The rest, well, you better start saving.

Thanks for the input. 


I just bought a used motor on ebay for $500.  I'll piece out my motor and get some $$ back.  That comes out cheaper than trying to just buy the parts I need.  The rod snapped and broke both cases and destroyed the cylinder and reeds.  

How many hours were on that motor?

My current motor?  Don't know, just bought the bike 3 days ago for $350.  Previous owner grenaded it.  According to the looks of the rest of the bike... not a ton of hours.

Ah ok... didn't know you just bought the bike. Just makes ya wonder what actually caused that type of failure.


Looks like some horendous detonation went on in there.

Bottom end bits sure peppered that head. Put a spark plug in it and spin it on a lathe to fine cut some those divots out of there. Then smooth it with a emory  cloth while its spinning. but...that's the least of your

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