'93 DR650 mods/questions

DR.jpg Just purchased at '93 DR650 already started in on all the normal things after you buy a bike (sprockets, chain, cables, etc). My friend's dad owned a '93 650 also and was telling me about some things that he did and has heard of people doing but I want see if anyone else has heard these things or can shed some light. I was told that you could run a YZF carb with a normal air filter and delete the airbox entirely, if so what model, year or size? I can probably guess some jetting will need to happen if anyone knows the best set up. Also I relealize that the pre-96 models are hard to find aftermarket parts for, that being said what is the best exhaust you can find or would I need to retrofit something. Here's a pic of my DR after I started working on it, got the new hand guards and fender on.

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I'm not up to speed on the '93 but why would you want to remove the airbox, it's there for a reason?



I run mine without the side lid.If jetted properly with a/f plug out stock carb will be fine.I wouldn't replace it unless you do a big bore. I have several dirt model carbs that are put back so if I need them but got the cv working good enough.

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Sorry mine are 350's not really sure on 650

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