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99 kx 250 upgrades..

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alright yall i got my kx 250 in my bedroom... im upgrading some things on my kx and need some serious help here... first my forks they suck i hate em lol they leak and are rough i know they need a rebuild but i dont want to do that. and not to mention the suspension on the 99 kx 250 was bad anyways but im thinking of just buying some newer forks of ebay.. how new can i go ? and of of what bikes could i take the forks from ? also back shock that needs to be rebuilt also and im wondering the same question on the shock as goes the forks question.. and also my throttle assemble got &%$#@!ed when i was in a nasty crash... and im wondering if i could use other throttle assemblys and what other bikes throttle assembly could i use ? my clutch doesnt want to disengage when i pull in the lever.. i have to give it a little throttle to brake the plates away.. is it just the oil im using ? how can i fix this ?

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