Starting issues

Looking for some advice for my yz250f. I can usually start it if I hold the throttle wide open and give it a kick or roll start it but hate having to start it this way. I've tried the choke with 2 cycles of the throttle and many other variations but kick forever with near no results. I've taken the carb apart and cleaned it up, stock jets and did notice the jet needle doesn't center itself in the main jet(?). Could this be the cause? Thanks from this newbie to thumpertalk and dirtbiking but not dirt.

When was the last time the valves were checked? 

Proper starting procedure with a cold engine is open petcock (I assume you close it as you should when not riding), pull choke, kick sharply and smoothly (do not 'stab' at it). No throtttle at all!!!

Hot engine, no choke, same quick kick. Very hot engine, hold the hot start.

3 options


1) your valves are toast

2) your jetting is way way off or maybe pj is plugged

3) both

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