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new bar mounts needed, confused regarding measurements...

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hi guys


i have a 2008 RMZ 250 which i recently stacked into a tree, in the process i broke a few bits (and bones -___- )

im needing to replace my bar mounts as i have bent the D-bolts in the factory renthal fatbar suzuki mounts.  


i have attached a picture of this.


im am looking to replace these with a set of renthal bar mounts and Zeta rubber killers (as the bushes are stuffed aswell)


the issue im having is with the measurements on the website, see below 



there are two options they reccommend for suzuki, these are CL003 & CL007. Now each has different D-bolt lengths and D-bolt/thread widths. 


and the problem is that my factory ones seem to fall in between these two measurements. so for measurement 'E' the bolt length i have is 49mm, which would suggest the CL003 is the way to go.
measurement 'C'(the bottom bracket of the mount) is 38mm, and measurement 'B' (the width of the D-bolt) is 12mm, which would suggest that CL007 is the way to go, but the problem with this, is that on CL007 the measurement of 'E' (the length of the D-bolt) is 11mm, which seems wrong.

please help!
are any of you guys running mounts on your 2008 RMZ250's? if so, which pattern did you use?



a lost little M-F'er.




2014-02-17 16.01.03.jpg

2014-02-17 16.01.03.jpg

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Upon further research, it doesnt appear that there are many aftermarket options for bar mounts for 2008 RMZ250's.


this has me pretty stuck, i live in New Zealand and the only outfit that seem to do a mount kit is 'Applied Racing', which i know nothing of.

is anybody running these mounts? if so what are your thoughts?



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