Ktm 300 rebuild pv question

Hello probably a noob question but im in the process of rebuilding my 1998 ktm 300mxc, anyways I figured I would check the power valve for proper movement I got it to move once then it froze up now I keep freaking out that I messed something up.

Take a look at the pic with the allen wrench should I be able to move it by adding slight pressure to one of those bolts or did I mess something up doing so?



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You should be able to move the PV by hand, honestly not sure if using a allen wrench on the bolt is the way to check but I'm sure you have not messed it up. In the pic it is fully down, you should be able to push it up right where the gears mesh.


It looks pretty gummed up. Just take it apart and clean it thoroughly. There is a good video at Slavens Racing on how to do it.

Yeah I'm taking apart as we speak I'll check that video out im hoping that she's just gummed up.

From the looks of the picture it needs a good cleaning.. KTM PV's are not that hard to dis-assemble re-assemble.  Now get after it..


As far as  moving it, did you disconnect the arm on the other side before trying to move it?

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Yea I got her working after about 3 cans of brake clean and chipping off all the carbon. I just freaked myself out last night because I never really played with a power valve plus had too many beers :/

Anyways I almost had the rebuild done she should be able to hit the ice tonight thanks guys..

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