WR450 gives me a BACKACHE!

I have an 03 WR450 with an Applied top triple clamp and a Scott's stabilizer. I have protaper bars (Doug Henry bend). Problem is, when I ride standing up, I am crouched over and my back kills me. Anyone else have this problem?

If so, how did you fix it?


When I ordered my Applied triple clamps I got the taller handle bar clamps, I think you can order them seprately. Also get a higher rise bar if you can afford it. I alway try get the handle bar as high as I can. Much easier on the old bod when standing or sitting.

you can also push your handle bars up, or roll them foreward. more I had a lot of the same problems, and it seemed to help and it also helps to keep your elbows up for stablity. :)

Just a thought...but how big is your front porch?? If your back is hurting it usually has something to do with the front porch (the size of your gut) most of us have built over our boys. I only know this because I'm speaking from experience. So the bottom line is to strengthen your abs to help out the back pain.

I don't want to offend..but the bike is not giving you the back ache. Try stretching more often before you go riding and as the other gent said...get yourself some muscle support for those lower vertebrates.

I'm 6'4" - the bike is what GAVE me a back ache. Thumper Racing Bar Risers on both my bikes have solved that problem. They move the bars 1.5" forward and 1.5" up. Check them out on the Baja Designs website - worth every penny.


There's a great idea. If your back is hurting change the ergonomics. Oh... get a kidney belt, too. They provide some back support.

If the WR450 is hurting you, more than likely another bike will hurt you too.

Good luck finding a comfortable ride...

Why not try the Free Footpeg Mod ?! It'll give you about 3/4" by lowering the footpegs in their mounts...

At 6'4" the stock position of the bars is too low and too close to me to be comfortable and I always felt like I was going over the bars when I was standing. Regular bar risers - ie Applied Racing, BRP, etc - that only raise the bars make the problem worse because they move the bars back (closer to the rider) as they move them up. This is because of the steering/head tube angle. The Thumper Racing bar risers solve this problem by moving the bars forward & up. My 5'11 wife has the +1" bar risers on her XR250 and it makes a big difference for her.

I did the low boy peg mod referenced above and went back to my stock pegs - I just didn't ever feel comfortable with my size 14 boots closer to the ground. Not to mention with the stock kickstand my left heel would push the kickstand down even more....


I know about the adapters that allow for the bars to be pushed up and forward. That would be great! The only problem is that I would really like to keep my Scott's stabilizer. I don't know how to get the bars forward without taking off the stabilizer.


I have the +1.5" bar risers on an Applied Racing TC - I use Scott's 'universal' mount that puts my stabilizer between the bar risers BELOW my handlebars. There used to be a picture on the Scott's website but I couldn't find it. I can email you pics of my set-up if you'd like.

Here is Scott's 'Low Mount' http://www.scottsperformance.com/indexmain.html This is the way I'd go if I was starting over. It should allow me to run the same stablizer on multiple bikes..... I think.



That sounds perfect. I'd love more info on this setup if anyone has it.


Does anyone know where to get the 1.5" bar risers from??


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