1981 Ford e350 moto van build.

Any suggestions. Need to dos? Thanks kn advance.

Any suggestions. Need to dos? Thanks kn advance.

Crate motor, long block. They are complete new motors delivered direct and cost is not bad. Cheaper then rebuild 

It is all very personal, depends on what your budget is, and what you want to do with it. There are a bunch of good build threads around here. Do a search and take notes. Then post pictures of your build!

Depends how crazy you want. You could do a 4 wheel drive conversion, a badass big block and a ton of stuff or you could go for a budget build with junk yard parts and save a bit of cash. Depends what you want but an explorer 302 is a great choice for a powerplant (302 high output, 260hp same motor as a mustang). 

So its does need anything mechanically 10000 miles on rebuilt 351 winsor v8 only has the 2 barrel carb and intake. But isnt terrible tranny done same time as motor need to strip rear out and begin with that. Its a budget build. I learned from a buddy how to make spray can WHITE look amazing then ill do blcak grill black rim etc. Little rust spkts need to be sanded. But I dont have 5000 to spend haha I think 2000 tops over the next 6 months tops is about budget for me. Thanks any more in put thanks. Also it almost seems lkke a bike would be to tall in it but I know people make moto vans out of smaller vans so yeah

A pic of it!

About all you need to do is yank the extra seats out of it and install a receiver. Optional stuff includes wheel chocks, E-Track, insulation and really nice seats for those longer drives.

I have a G-series 1 ton that I use to haul my bikes around in and tow with on occasion. I have the 2nd row seat in it, load and strap the bikes against that. No mods necessary. I can put the 3rd row of seats back in any time that I need to.

That pic didnt up load but Im leaving the second row in and I tore out all the carpet behing the second row. Tahnks for all the input.

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