BUYING ADVICE! '08 w/ only 4hrs...

Thanks in advance guys!



Michigan trail rider. Might do a couple of practice days this year.


I'm looking at an '08 YZ450F that has only 4 hours on it. I spoke briefly with the seller who is also the original owner he's embarrassed that he only wrote it four times and estimates at an hour each. 


It was obvious to me that he had little knowledge of bikes in general and he admitted that it took him some time to figure out how to start it so I think it's safe to assume little to no maintenance has been done. I failed to ask about oil/air changes but will do so tomorrow.



- Is there anything to be concerned with on a bike having sat like this? Things to look for?

- Besides the obvious, oil/air filter/clean carb, what else might you guys do to help ensure that this is a long-haul bike?


 I will get into mods at a later point, but first just want to be sure to do all that I can to help this purchase last, should I make it.

A great MX bike but a terrible choise for trail riding...It's geometry is set for high speed stability and sweeping MX turns and berms. It's a fat pig in the tight MI trails.

What type of rider are you and what type of trails are you riding? For an experienced rider with an MX background this could be a great trail bike for open fast trails. All tight stuff...a 250 two stroke might be a better option. For a less experienced rider this could be a handful.

If it only has 4 hours it should be fine. These mx motors are tough and designed to be ridden hard. When buying a 4 stroke you want low hours IMO. I bought my 11 and it was also barely used. If he did not change the oil that's not a big deal. Just change it when you get it. I trail ride with a guy who has an 09 and it runs great. He has a rekluse on it.

Thanks Guys...

A couple of the specif approach:

- What if a proper break-in procedure was not followed?

- From photos I see plenty of surface rust/corrosion in areas like chain, sprockets, pads, rotors, header guard, rims, bolts, etc... Again, obvious signs of no attention and long term storage, can this be an indication of the internal condition as well or have I found a gem "for the right price"?

Does it run? Let's just start there.

If the engine runs you will usually hear any problems and see if you can run it through the gears.  A little corrosion is OK...a lot may show the sings of abuse.  Again these motors are tough as nails.  Prolonged sitting can affect seals.

Adding to the great input already, yes, make sure it starts. Does it start cold? Does it start hot (after letting it warm up and maybe doing a quick spin).

I loved the 08. Felt like a big-bore 250F.

If the bike has sat that long, you have to ask yourself whether you can go through the carb by yourself.  It's very likely that the pilot jet will have been partially clogged by dried fuel, and if so, it will run like crap, if it starts.  In that situation, you'd need to be able to identify the problem as being the carb, or something else. 


Also, depending on the environment it's been stored in and a number of other factors, there is a small chance of internal corrosion conditions having developed in the engine.

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