Fluid and spring questions

So I have torn down my rear shock on my 01 cr250 "leaking seal head" and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what fluid they recommend and how much I should be ordering?

I was thinking about the racetech ultra slick 5w, would this be good oil to use in the shock and forks?

Also I am thinking about respringing the shock and possibly the forks. Racetech shows for my combo a .44 front and 5.499 or closest rear. Mx tech shows a 5.0. After doing a lot of looking I'm am not sure what would be the right step. I know that the fronts factory were .44 or at least what they were supposed to be.

195 pounds without gear novice to intermediate doing harescrambles and trail riding. Would I be alright with just installing the different rear shock spring for now?

Beings that the suspension has been completely untouched "not even a service" since new im thinking anything will be better then what is there now.

You should do bushes as well in the forks , 5.5 is too stiff for a 0.44 front imo 5.3 would be better , not sure on the oils for use in shock speak to rt

i plan on redoing the forks next with bushings and seals after I get this shock taken care of.


I will call racetech and see what they say I guess.

Called racetech and they recommended a .46 front and a 5.4 rear

Is the racetech fluid worth the price? What fluid brands do you guys find perform well or do they all do the job fine.

I use Maxima Racing Shock Fluid 3wt.  2-3wt oils are generally used in rear shocks and 5wt in cartridge forks.

Well got the shock resealed and bled.

Halfway done with one fork before calling it a night. Man that is some nasty fluid in those forks!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392972822.789833.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392972838.999770.jpg

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