Replacing Coolant Hose

HI All,


Had a loose exhaust start to melt its way into my coolant hose on the bike I just picked up.....  wondering if I have to buy a specific part because of the shape, or whether I can use generic automotive coolant hosing.


Any tips appreciated.  







Yeah , check out E Bay for some silicon hose made to suit your model .

I use them , no issues .

It is a specific hose for size, shape needed to work within the confines of it's required path.

The ZPC brand of hoses off eBay turned out very well for me. The number of reinforcing strands in the silicone was high and well dispersed. Way more than stock. Good price too.


Just had to trim to the correct lenght. Most aftermarket hose sets are just a little longer than stock.

Edited by Jim BurnCycle Abbott

Alright. Thanks guys.

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