Champion Spark Plug

New to this forum ... But today at walmart I seen a spark plug that says its compatible with a crf250 according to the their reference book, I believe it was the champion 8809-1? Could be wrong. But I keep searching and can't find any information on it....Anyone ever put one on their bike? 

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It aint true till you read it on the internet...

I usually use the oem ngk ones on my bikes, but they are expensive, I've paid up to $50 just for a plug. I would suggest buying it and telling us how it worked.

If you can't find the match in any cross-reference table, I wouldn't try it. If reach is the same it could be safe to install, but (incorrect) heat range can bite you in the ass if you don't know what you're doing...

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I usually do put the ngk ones in my bike. But I just saw it and was curious ... It was only like 5 dollars but I'm scared to put one in my bike that I just rebuilt lol

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