New Guy in Australia needs some help identifying XR400R Year

OK so I have just become the proud owner of a 2003 XR400R , well I think so anyway  :confused:   .  Is there a way of telling exactly what year it is from the frame number?  or via the engine number?  I have stripped it down to major components without first getting a picture which was a bit dopey on my part :blush: , hoping someone can help.


Came off a KX250 2 smoker, great fun but Im getting on a bit and the old reflexes aren't what they used to be, thought I should go back to a 4 stroker before I did some serious bodily damage.....really looking forward to getting on the 400 once its back together. 


Frame Number is  JH2NE03U6YK501571


Thanks in advance

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Yeah the local Honda Dealer, I don't know but he counted back 11 digits from the end (3) and went yep 2003 model ???


yep hes a &%$#@!ing moron go some place else in future


Its the 10th Character from the start thats the year and Y stands for 2000 if there was a 3 in that spot then it would be 03 frankly a honda dealer should know that. This is why i dont let dealers work on my bikes anymore and i do most of it my self even if i dont have the time! If people cant get simple things right like this what else are the going to &%$#@! up? that little clip that makes your engine destroy its self?

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