My new to me 2002 Honda CR 250

Hello everyone 

Am new to this forum and have been biking on and off for a few years.

Had numerous bikes ranging from DT's to YZ450Fs ,

Been riding bike thumpers for a few years and decided to Relive my youth and get another Big 250 2/Smoke.

So went and bought a 2002 Honda CR 250 .

Jezzo its totally different to what I remember and gonna take a while getting used to the explosive power that a 2/stroke offers.

Think my arms are a wee bit longer already after holding on for dear life lol 

cr 250 4.jpgcr250 3.jpgcr 240 2.jpg

Welcome back to the Dark Side.     :ride:

Nice bike. Gotta love a good 2 smoker!

Cheers guys

Excellent choice, 3rd gen CR's are great machines

Excellent choice, 3rd gen CR's are great machines

Has just had top end rebuild as well , boy broke his leg when breaking if in and sold it to me pretty cheap :)

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