Yz250 97

Hiya I recently bought a yz250 97 which needs a top end rebuild, but I took the barrel to be bored out as it had a steel liner and they said the liner was on it limit, so now I need to buy a barrel, so if anyone could help I'm in the newt west England and need a barrel 94-98 cheers

The first thing I'd suggest is to get another opinion from another shop.  You never know if they had ulterior motives in telling you it needs a new cylinder.  If you really have to get another, ebay is probably your best bet unless you have other used parts sources where you are.  I guess worst case for you is if you HAVE TO buy a new one.  You could get a new one from Partzilla for about $340.  But then there's all the other parts you need too.  It's gonna get kind of expensive before you're done.

What he said. Plus since it has a sleeve it is not "plateable." So I see two options with in the same element. Buy a new or re plated cylinder, or buy a new sleeve for that bike and have the new sleeve pressed into your existing cylinder. Your cylinder will not qualify as a core.

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