Selfmade Peg Eliminators

Hi Guys,


My first post here and a DRZ owner for only a week.

I took her out on mountain trails and I can feel the weight of this thing. It's 2012 400s, stock.

One time I was stopped on a slope, bike leaned and I could not hold it, let her down. The other time I took a spill riding it in some loose rocky area, back went out of control.


I got home and I started searching to see how I can shed some weight...Even 10 lbs is 10lbs at this point.


I removed the footpegs but one side the footpeg is supporting the pipe. I had two ideas for that, use a strong wire, wrap it around the bolts or make something out of anything I have handy. I made it out of plywood in a hasty 5 min job. Haven't ridden it but would it get so hot that it would start causing issue with the wood. As you can see I painted the exposed part black but not the part sits on pipe so I can observe that.


Can I go ahead ask more questions?


My second gear is way too tall for most part of this trail and corner I ride, in fact that was the cause of my fall for the most part.


I bought a 14tooth front sprocket, how many can I add to the back without having to change the chain? Can I do 14/48 without changing the chain?



Cptn Reza





Honestly I wouldn't use plywood for the pipe mount/peg eliminator.  Get a piece of 1/8" aluminum, you already have a template, cut with a hacksaw, drill holes and file/sand smooth.

Thanks for the reply BMWpowere. Is your concern heat or strength?


I doubt strength is of a problem, heat, I do not know how hot it gets.

 You removed your footpegs?

Where do you put your feet?

??????????????????    :jawdrop:

Good question, i found my feet in my rear the two times i took a spill

Think he's talking about the passenger pegs... I would defiantly not use wood let alone plywood. It will delaminates and fall apart at the worst time.

where in ca are you?

I go to Santiago Peak. Aliso Viejo, So Cal.

This is aircraft quality ply. I am not worried about it delaminating, I guess time will tell. As long as I dont see blackening of the wood (meaning getting too), I will keep an eye on it and will report back.


Pipe has many points of support, there is not much weight it needs to hold when there is no passenger.

It is plywood. It's going to fail no matter what kind it is. Get a piece of aluminum before it breaks.

Seriously just go to any home improvement store and by a piece of strap metal or some kind of decent sheet metal it literally is cheap as hell and then cut and drill some holes. For less than 10 bucks you can have a bracket that won't fail like the plywood will aand you won't have to worry about it catching on fire! Because last thing you want to do is be a couple miles deep into some trails and have the bike catch fire! Especially in Cali where you are liable to catch half the state on fire along with the bike!

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