spare parts for my wr250f 12

hello :)

this is my first attempt to use an international forum, so your patience is required.


i'm looking to get some spare parts for my bikes, to prepare my self for a day when something brakes down and threatens my weekend riding.

my next purchase is a starter cable.


found on ebay a cable that should fit a YZ250F 06, but i fear it won't match my bike.

so first, could you let me know if it should work?

and second, is there a way i could check somewhere if a certain parts fits mine? because the parts' numbers seem to be different  :thinking:


thank you!



Often, if you just type in the part number in Google, listings will be returned showing all the bikes that part is related to.


The problem can be sometimes, a pert will not show as related because the color is different or say in the case of a cable, the length is a very small amount different. Unfortunately, unless a person compares actual parts, there is often no way to know for sure if a part is interchangeable.

What's a starter cable? 


Cables on a WR should last for years.

cable starter = clutch cable


found it on tt and got the original one for my wr, so no need to try and compare it to the yz one i found.


thanks guys :)

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