Quick tip for everybody

Here is tip my father taught me. ALWAYS park motor on TDC. Couple good reasons.


1. Valves are closed so humidity will not rust valves or cylinder. This way water from rain or washing always gets to exhaust. Why have it sit there and potentially screw up your day.


2. Valve springs and valve seats will thank you. No tension and no corrosion.


3. When cold you already have it set up to check valve clearance



Just a simple trick. Myself at races I always squirt a little oil in carb while idling and shut down. Set on TDC and load in trailer. Valves, piston have coating of oil and I feel better.


Great tips, keep em coming.

We all appreciate words of wisdom from all engine builders as well as tips and tricks that 99.9 % of the average TT users would never even think of.

Problem is it seems, Not many like to do a search for there issue to research and read all of the information on TT.

They keep asking the same questions over and over again.

Most of us love helping get to the bottom of there issues, but people, please search, read and do your home work because more than likely the issue has been already covered many times in the past.

Moderators? What's that? Lol


Wouldn't need to search as much if the stickies were better managed.

Re your comment Mke, Agreed and don't you think that the last STICKY listed should be the First Sticky listed and shouldn't it be simply titled FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS?...Moderators?

Is TDC possible with an electric start motor with out opening up the cap on the side of the case and using a socket?

pull plug and leave in gear. You could push or turn wheel til there

pull plug and leave in gear. You could push or turn wheel til there

Thanks. I ride my bike almost everyday so I'm not worried about it at the moment, but if I ever do let the bike sit than I'll be doing this.

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