Off topic question: whats the lightest elec. start street legal bike

I would like to put something on my Prius that I can still do a little off road riding and cross highways or get to trails. Already tried my 450. Way to heavy.

too heavy ?   it only weighs the same as 1 Adult..


i tow my bike with small trailer only have 1500cc engine nissan pulsar

KTM 250 EXC would be it.

...but it's only 21lbs lighter, so what is the point....

A lot is based on the state you live in, California limits your options. Here in AZ you can plate a 2 stroke, but you'll be stuck with 4 strokes, and certain green sticker models at that.

Rats, busted again. My 450 is AZ plated. Just renewed for 2 years. I use an AZ PO Box with a street address. I don't think any 2 strokes are electric start. But if I have to kick maybe 2 strokes are an option. A Honda Reflex is light enough but I've never ridden one.

KTM, Sherco, GasGas, and Beta all make e-start two strokes, but you can't plate them in the 'green' states.


A Honda Reflex is a 15hp overweight toy will terrible suspension.

Ossa Explorer




not e-start, but simple to start

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I checked on the Ossa. Its their trials bike with lights. I might could do this myself with an older model.

Do some push ups


Millions of people use there 450 everyday for mild to wild dual sport riding

The OSSA is cool

The problem is that my bumper rack drags on the ground. Hence the search for light. I'm looking into shock upgrades for the Prius. Whats a pushup?

It is worth getting the latest model OSSA IMHO. Lots of good upgrades.

Fantastic, ultra light bike- BUT not electric start.

Mine is plated in WA.


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