Hello guys.

On ebay you can buy this muffler:


$ 161.49 looks like a great price.

Unfortunately to receive it in Italy I have to add $ 90 for shipment.

So the total exceeds little $250.

I would not, however, throw away my money for a product does not good.

Someone of you can give me news about this muffler? Works well? Below the link..


Judging from the photo's its definitely not 100% brand new. There is a bit of build up on header from carbon in the engine. I would email them and ask for a brand unless its custom. I highly doubt it will add 2-5 hp also.

My interest for this muffler is not for the performance, surely there are other best of this.

My interest is to have one exhaust steel, that does not rust and remains polished and clean.

But do not know the quality of this article.

There is also this version.

Looks like a copy of a "TwoBothers" muffler and a FMF power bomb header

No way your going to get 5 hp and I seriously doubt your going to get 2.

Pretty though...if you like bling.

Engines only exhaust is all stainless steel, does not rust and is an awesome pipe! I have run three different brands, it's the best by far

The pipe you listed is a new one, the discoloration is from being welded

I would buy this muffler only if it is durable and will not rust.

Someone has already purchased this muffler?

For performance is not important, I've already upset the muffler of my crf230.

I got + power without increasing the noise.

I can do the same mod in the new muffler.

Greetings to all from Italy :D:D

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actually doesn't look half bad. Sure it's not the best out there, but for the money...

I have seen (on ebay stores) many stainless steel pipe and steel or aluminum mufflers.

I believe that this is the lowest price that we can find.. right?

Maybe this is a new product because it seems that nobody knows it.

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