Leaky exhaust

What kind of seal do you use between the header and muffler?  I've got a air leak on the exhaust of my 08 kx250f...

Iv never had an exhaust that had a seal there. The head pipe goes into the slip on. If it's an exhaust leak it's your head pipe or your can needs repacked. Is it back popping on decel?

09 yfz450r

09 kx450f

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I just put on an fmf pipe on my bike and they recommended high temp silicone. I used perma gasket black and put a thin layer. No leaks.

Yeah its popping on decel.  I like the silicon idea.  

I didn't use anything on mine and it doesn't pop.

09 yfz450r

09 kx450f

The stock pipe has a gasket/seal that goes into the silencer side which makes it fit tight over the header so the clamp can hold it and not leak.


I dont use aftermarket silencers so not sure about them.    

My akrapovic slip on has a composite collar that slips over the head pipe and it was an SOB to get it to fit right.

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