2013 CRF450 triple clamp discovery

I just bought a '13 CRF450 triple clamp set off Ebay for my newly acquired '05 CR2. I wanted to try the 20mm offset without blowing big money for an aftermarket set. As many know the '09-12 CRF450 clamps use a different lower bearing than does the 3rd gen CR's. Good news is the '13 clamps uses the same lower bearing (91015-KZ4-701) as the 3rd gen CR's!

This appears to make the '13 CRF450 clamp a direct bolt-on, obviously you need to shim the forks (Kirkes shared specifics on this in another thread).

 So now my only concern left is how similar the perch mount locations will be to the 3rd gen. This may require modification to make my Scott's sub-mount dampener align with the frame pin that actuates it. Betting it will be close enough.

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I thought the 13 crf450 clamps were 22mm offset? I could be completely wrong.

I thought the 13 crf450 clamps were 22mm offset? I could be completely wrong.


Appears to be 20mm, '13 uses the same upper clamp P/N as '09-12 bikes. I think lower clamp assembly different P/N since assembly includes lower bearing.

How did this turn out for you?  

Did you end up doing any other mods to make everything work?

I think this would be a good winter project for me and the 20mm offset sounds like something I would like.

It bolted up just like the original, no problems what so ever. I also had zero issues with the Scott's sub-mount, everything lined right up. It's a little tricky to shim the forks. I've had the forks out for service since installing the 20mm clamps, pretty easy to slide them back into the shims once they are in place. The 20mm clamps ended up going on my 05 250, I still have some dialing in of the suspension, but so far my take is the front feels more planted in turns and it still seems very stable at speed. End result; it's a nice affordable way to experiment with fork offsets without blowing big money on aftermarket clamps. I also don't mind the updated look of the '13 front fender and plate.

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