Carb tuning

Hey guys!! Last time I was posting about my bike, it was all torn down. I had the seats cleaned up and valves were just fine. It's all back together and timed correctly. Flushed tank. Had carb sent thru the ultra sonic machine. Now where my problem is, is I can't get it to start. She farts like she wants to. But just won't do it. I put in a new plug. I haven't torn the carb back off the bike yet, but how many turns out on the fuel screw is recommended? Float height is fine as far as I know. It's not puking out of the over flow tube. And I'm not sure what jets are in it. I got it from Oklahoma City. I live in Wichita Falls tx. So there isn't much of an elevation change.

Start with 2 turns.

check hotstart plunger for leaks

turn up the idle?

How would I know if hot start is leaking?

How would I know if hot start is leaking?


just make sure the fitting is screwed on good and tight, if you can pull it out with your hand without unscrewing its, leaking....


Though first thing to check is that you are getting fuel into your carb bowl - unscrew the drain plug and make sure you get fuel to come out.  There is a measurement of how much fuel should come out, though I don't recall off the top of my head...  do you have a service manual? do a quick search on the site and you will find one for download.  Then check the troubleshooting section for not starting.


Also it wouldn't be a bad idea to pull the plug and take a look, if its wet and black it could be flooded (too much fuel).

are you using the choke?  try without?

I know the spec your talking about. Yes I have a manual for it. Fuel is getting to the engine. She farts like she wants to run. But peters out. I tried with and without choke. Also tried with and without hot start too. Just for sh#*s and giggles.

Okay cool, so you have fuel.. what about spark?

Tried bumb starting?

Give is gas while kicking?

I have spark. Haven't done the bump start. And yes I tried pumping fuel while kickin it. Smell of raw gas got to me. Flooded it out. Changed plug again. It was fuel fowled.

Sounds like ya know what you need to do then

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