Head light on XR 100

I have a 2000 XR100 for the wife and I was wondering if its possible to install a headlight on it and if so what wire's would I tap into. Was thinking of using a smaller headlight like one that is on my 2002 XR250R  or a LED light of some sort . Thanks. 

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You're not going to get enough wattage out of the stock stator to power a headlight of any value. The easy way is to wire up a battery pack and run a total loss system on an LED.

Otherwise, you'll need to buy a re-wound stator (talk to Ricky Stator if you can't find one on eBay) or you'll need to rewind it.



From there, it's pretty easy, rectifier/regulator, a large capacitor and any DC light, you'll be set. You could get a AC light and skip the RR and capacitor. LED should play well with AC, but you're probably going to want a regulator because it could very well pump out enough voltage where the diode can't handle the reverse voltage, let alone go above it's normal operating voltage in the forward direction. I saw peaks of 400V coming out of my XT550's stator, even though it was typically only 60V.


Oh, and this sounds like I know what I'm talking about, but I barely know anything, so I strongly advise you to buy off the shelf parts. You can build a RR pretty easy. I however, can't. Lucky for you, twelve volt is 11.5-15V like any other automotive electrical system, so getting parts from eBay or Craigslist should be fairly straight forward.

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Thanks for the info guys, I guess when its time for a headlight I will be contacting Ricky Stator. 

Does anyone know the stock voltage by chance?

Voltage isn't the problem.


Think of electricity like water:

amperage is volume

voltage is pressure

resistance is restriction, like when you kink a hose.

flow rate is what you get when all of these are factored in.


Your stator is like an electricity pump. It puts out a certain pressure at a certain volume, and while the pressure may be very high, the volume is pitiful. It's like a squirt gun, it may shoot pretty far, but you'll spend ages before you can fill a cup.


With a rewound stator, the pressure will remain the same, but the volume will increase exponentially, so you'll have gallons per minute instead of cups per hour of flow rate, provided there are no kinks in the hose.


With a rectifier/regulator, you're going to get a kink in the hose so that the pressure on the pump side of the kink may vary, the output after the kink is consistent.

There is not really any "stock voltage". There is one voltage source, the exciter winding on the stator, it produces hi AC volts, with very little current. For any electrical addition to the bike you will have to put a stator in with a lighting coil. The instant you try to tap into the ignition circuit to run a light it will kill the motor.

Thanks, I was just curious. 

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