decompression pin snapped twice on me?

hey i have an 07 crf 450r. the decompression pin and the little nub that connects the pin the the shaft broke twice on me. i have Kimblewhite valves and dual springs. could the stiffer springs mabe be causing and issue? the first time it broke i didnt realy think much of it. but then about 20-25 hours later it broke again. i was also kinda wondering how hot cams are and how the decompression works. ive never really seen one for my bike.

Did you install the updated version of the decomp system, or just install the same defective part number again?

nahh i heard of an aftermarket one but i heard they went out of business? do you know where i can find one? i went with oem. but i font wanna buy another till i find out wats causing this problem or find an upgraded setup

Same thing just happened to me in my 2013 CRF450R. I have a Hotcam. I thought they fixed the pin problem, so I was blaming it on the Hotcam.

ive never had em break till recently! and the stupid auto tensioner let go. lucky no damage was done.

There is an updated part number that your delaer should have a service bulletin on

There is an updated part number that your delaer should have a service bulletin on

A recal?

Yes there was a recall on the first two years with the new decomp system for pin bending/breaking

well my dealer is pretty damn far away:/ i prefer to order my parts online its just cheaper and easier for me. would anyone know wat to order? would one out of an 08 or something work? or does anyone know wear to get an upgraded one? ive searched and had no luck

I found the mechanisms on eBay or for oem stuff. I'm taking mine apart tomorrow. I'll post some pics and stuff of what I find. I can't start mine worth a damn. I kicked it for three hours today. Me feet are aching lol. I'm going to find the answer.

I'll see if the dealership can hook me up with the parts if we're doing the work. I work at a sportbike shop.

ohhh yeaaa ive put a hole though my boot and yea please let me know wat you find! any info is helpful! it just sucks to spend 90$ on the oem part wen it just snaps lol

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392734021.018434.jpg

well heres min and the plunger snapped in half the first time it broke. the second time the little nub you see snaped off here was bent badly. and hole shaft was slightly bent

I'm re-shimming my valves now.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1392746506.059249.jpg

I wasn't getting any compression and I had .002 clearance. So some new shims and should be good

yeaaaa i have a different decompression setup than that :/ i have steel valves and try to check the clearances about ever 20 hours or so. but ive had that happen wen exhaust vales dont open for the decompression because of to much clearance

1. Turn the idle up, the decompressor will stop breaking off. The idle at 1700-1800 is important with the newer style. That pin trys to decompress at less than 1400, but it'll start to try sooner than that. Thats why its breaking off.

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