Stalling after oil change

This weekend I did some routine maintenance on my 09 RMZ450. The bike was running great last weekend but it was time for an oil change. Saturday morning I dumped the old 10w-40 along with the oil filter and refilled with Suzuki Performance 4, 20w-50 and replaced the oil filter with a new one. I also installed a Hammerhead shift lever with the +10mm offset tip to hopefully alleviate some of my false neutrals. I get the bike all ready to go Sunday, decide to start it up and let it warm up real good. I click it down into first gear and it lurches forward and dies, as if the clutch wasn't pulled in at all. I tried adjusting my clutch cable but that didn’t help matters. It did this several times until I just gave up for the day, no riding, bummer.


Has anyone come across this problem and if so, what fixed it? Can changing oil viscosities cause the clutch plates to stick together? I’ve never experienced this problem before. I’m hoping it’s something simple but right now I’m at a loss.



Yes. Heavier oil takes more time to thin out. When its cold out-i have to let my bikes warm up pretty long.I will even put them in gear and let the clutch slip a little to get everything up to temp. Then it usually works fine. For some reason the 4 stroke clutches are more picky. 2 strokes dont seem to care so much. Also-if its real cold-the rich coupler or s richer map may be necessary. Past weekend my rmz250 kept stalling. My map was too lean for bike to compensate for the cold air.pull the choke and see if it runs ok-thst will let you know

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