Should I bother getting new boots?

Right now I ride with oneil piston boots or whatever their called, and I have a pair of Thor q1 too. Both of these boots, especially the oneil have really big toe boxes so sometimes shifting is hard. I know I can move up the shifter which I'll do anyway but are more expensive boots gonna be better? Like tech 7s, what about even tech 3s

I get the most out of my stuff as possible.  My Gaerne SG10s are almost 4 years old, and still have a year or two left in them.  I can't speak for you because I have not handled or felt your boots.  But if you are pretty sure they are worn out, get new ones.  You want the ankle to be flexible upward so you can shift and use the rear brake, but NOT flexible downward.  You want the ankles stiff.

Tech 7s are way on sale right now go for it

I say adjust your shifter and run the boots you have.

The T3 is a good boot , shop around .

are more expensive boots gonna be better?

Without a doubt yes.  I recently bought the Crossfire 2's and previously had the Tech 3 boots.  I'm not exaggerating at all when I say this: the Tech 3's are like bricks on your feet and the Crossfire's are like shoes.  But if you're still interested in Tech 3's then I know of a guy (me) who has a pair of Tech 3 currently on Craigslist :)

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I bought a pair of Tech 3's at Cycle Gear this last summer and had to exchange them for another pair after about 8 to 10 hours of use because the chunking of the sole where I kick-start the bike. On the exchanged pair, it is still happening and I also had to have a replacement buckle part sent to me from Alpine Stars free of charge because it broke. I am not impressed with the misalignment of the top buckle due to the angle it is fixed at. I feel that when under pressure it might snap due to the misalignment. I talked to Cycle Gear about a month ago and they said I can bring them down to exchange again but I have not had the time to get down there lately. I am a little disappointed that I spent more for these boots than my previous Fox Comp 5 boots that had held up better than the Tech 3's for the same amount of ride time. When I compared the Tech 3's with the Comp 5's, the Tech 3's appeared and felt like they were more durable than the Comp 5's and they were not as comfortable but I don't plan on running marathons with my boots anyway, so I value durability more than comfort. This is the reason why I decided to try out the Tech 3's and because of their reputation from other riders and the cost was about $30 more. I now realize that if you want Alpine Stars's quality, you have to dish out the big bucks. I am not writing this to to deter anybody from buying Alpine Stars boots in general, because you will find a majority of riders out there that wear them, but most of them are wearing the top of the line Alpine Stars, which I cannot afford at this time. I am also thankful that Cycle Gear will be honorable enough to let me exchange the boots with another, unless they end up changing their mind when I get there.

If your willing to buy Tech 3s or Comp 5s, I would suggest going with the Gaerne GX 1s. Pretty basic boot, looks very much like other "low end" MX boots, not like a trail boot that the techs and comps are. Extreme Supply has them for $180 right now. I just picked up a pair for my son, nice boots, not anything nice like the SG 10s, but still a nice budget boot. If you can afford a little bit more, Forma makes a mid range, hinged boot, in either bonded or stitched sole, for around $250 and you can find the mid range Gaerne's for about $290 (I can't remember the name).

The better your stuff fits ,the better.  You need to try on different boots to see which fit your foot the best.  Maybe Alpinestars or Gaerne or Sidi or Fox or whatever. Once you find the brand that fits, stick with that for the rest of your life.

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Can't beat a pair of alpinestars bro. I've had my tech 4's for ten years now. Still solid boots and comfortable as Hell.

Can't beat a pair of alpinestars bro. I've had my tech 4's for ten years now. Still solid boots and comfortable as Hell.

Unfortunately A* doesn't make the same quality boot as they used to.

Damn the Tech 7's sure are on sale! Ha. But if you're gonna get Tech 7's I would get the 2014 model. Those will give you all the support you need and they've got a hinge now. They're only 349

Unfortunately A* doesn't make the same quality boot as they used to.

I second this. I had a set of Tech 8's that started chunking leather bits from the sides after a year of normal use. Switched to Sidi crossfires and never looked back. 


As for Astars legendary "customer service" I don't understand how people think its good. I sent my boots back to them on two occasions and it took them over a month each time to repair them. Ridiculous and I will never buy another astars product.

You get what you pay for with boots. Personally I won't wear anything bit Sidi's. The Crossfire's fit my foot best and offer superb protection.

Unless you ride non aggressively and only once in a while stay away from tech 3 and comp 5 I have never owned either of these but I tested them in a store once for shits and giggles movement is Shit I doubt I could even ride in them, you really get what you pay for with everything but especially mx boots

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