98' rmx 250 no power at high rpm.

K guys so I ve been round bikes for bout 14years and know then pretty good. But I tore down a 98' rmx250 and it ran good just didnt have much power at high rpms until it warmed up. So I tore it down took to local shop and had valves and jug cleaned. I cleaned carb and new carbon fiber reeds put in. But now I put it all together and dont have any power when the power valves are supposed to open. Like it has no throttle response. 175 main jet, 55 pilot, needle was at 4th from bottom now its at 2nd from top. And i have been adjusting the power valves nothing is working! ! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also fmf garnly exhaust. Pos pj 38mm carb.

Also it wont start without starting fluid. It has lots of low end power also.

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