Brake pedal fitment questions

Does anyone know if a brake pedal from a YZ426F will fit on a steel frame YZ450F, or vice versa? I am looking at the Hammerhead pedals and they list '02-'09 YZ450F as years of fitment. We know they didn't make a 450F in '02 and a phone call to them resulted in zero help towards the answer to the question. I don't mind making some slight modifications if necessary but want to know if I will be better than "In the ballpark" before dropping the coin on one. As always, thank you for your help with my questions.





I would check the part numbers and if they are the same between the years then it will work.

They aren't.

Thank you for the suggestion. I have read of people swapping out brake pedals from the 4 strokes to 2 strokes and from early model years to late model years with success despite the differing part numbers. I was hoping someone would have tried this already. I may just buy a used 450 pedal off eBay and then compare it to the ones I have off my 426's before setting up an account with hammerhead to order parts that may not fit....As always, thank you gentlemen!





Well the used '04 YZ450 brake pedal I bought on eBay showed up today and shy of having a more stout return spring boss, it is identical...Looks like time to order some stuff from Hammerhead!

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