Sunken pig pics

Thats right... Post em here. I know you have em. :)




Man that makes me tired just looking at those pics. :D

The last time I was out I dumped the bike on the side of a sloppy hill and by the time I got it picked up and started I was sure my buddy was going to have to do CPR on me. That was not as bad as the last photo so I am glad it wasn't me. I was wondering why I have a BRP that day especially when one of the other riders I was with had a WR with a magic button.....however it is when I get out on the flats and do 4 gear wheelies it all comes back to me why I wouldn't own another bike :)

I got it stuck once on my first ride and thought I was going to die. It took 3 of us to get it out. Maybe I should take my 4 wheeler along so I can use the winch when I get the BRP stuck.

Im too new of a rider to be riding in that kind of crap.. lol, makes me cry just looking at it :).. Cant wait!!

Brett :D

those pics are great. Where is that?

those pics are great. Where is that?

Maryland. Both of them. Comeon, I know you guys have them too. Right? :)

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