2006 yz450f top end rebuild base gasket leak

Just rebuilt my first 4 stroke, top end, piston,rings,cylinder and gaskets. Torqued according to the manual but my base gasket is leaking!!!!! She's bleeding oil. Not much but enough to cause a drip while running. Cometic gasket set, cylinder works cylinder. Everything went fine but the base gasket didn't seem to fit as well as I thought it should. So my question is ride it and hope everything seats, sets and stops leaking?? Or pull it apart and change base gasket

I would replace it with an OEM gasket. I had an issue with a cheap aftermarket base gasket restricting oil flow on my 06, ended up costing me lots o money in the end. The aftermarket was paper and OEM is metal..... 

Yeah don't wanna blow it up, sucks Cometic gaskets are top of the line I heard and it is metal but definitely didnt seem to fit right, I'm wondering if cylinder works cylinders are good, the threads for the clutch and cam chain tensioner werent right the bolts didn't wanna go in. So urs never stopped leaking?

My problem wasn't leaking, it was restricting the oil flow to the head. I didn't realize the problem until the head and cams were toast. I have pretty much decided on OEM for just about everything since then. It tends to be a little more expensive but I have had fewer problems for the most part.

Isn't there a way to check oil flow while running by taking out a bolt? I think Ill change it, sighhh. Checking the flow concerned me cause I thought maybe it's clogged and pushing oil out of the base gasket. Idk if that's possible though.

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