Lose three pounds for 30 bucks!

Well i have four rides on this set-up so far and no problems.I replaced my stock battery (7lbs.) with a KTM 525 unit(4 lbs.)and have noticed no difference when starting.I know the reserve capacity is lower,but i turn off the bike with the key so there is no drain.The terminals are reversed so i fabricated a short pos.cable extension.I bought the battery from Rocky-mountain.

I agree - that mod makes sense.

You know that when Honda engineered the size of that battery

they had to consider the worst case scenario, (for all the markets of that bike).

Well i have four rides on this set-up so far and no problems.


3 pounds just in the battery? That's HUGE!

Got a couple questions for you. How does the battery fit, and is it fairly secure? I'm guessing this one is smaller in size than the stock unit.

I'll be looking into this (easy?) mod further. :)

You can use the stock holding plate and i used some packing material from work to make sure it was solid.I could post a photo,but i dont know how.It's a hair taller(i removed the stock thin rubber pad)but it's shorter and thinner.The most difficult part was fabing a cable extension.If you pm me i could e-mail you photos.

There probably is a smaller battery with the same terminal locations,maybe someone who works at a bike shop could check it out. :)

look at:


You can compare specs between batteries, and also different bikes.

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