tips wanted for lining up the tripple clamps

Does anyone have tips for lining up the tripple clamps? I fell today and either minorly bent my handlebars (AGAIN @#&@&^!) or tweaked the tripple clamps, it's too small a difference to see visually. In any event, do you guys have any tips for lining up the tripple clamps? Should I just loosen the bolt on the steering stem and then loosen and retighten the clamps and then replace the bolt? If so, how do you tighten the bolt without twisting the clamps again?


When I go down and twist stuff all I do is put the bike up on the stand, loosen the pinch bolts on the upper and lower clamps, and bounce the bars off the steering stops back and forth a couple of times; sinch everything back down. That will get my forks and clamps back in alignment.

I doubt very seriously you bent the triple clamps (I've never seen/heard of that).

Good luck on the bars.

Same thing happened to me last week. Low speed get-off resulted in a tweaked front end. After using a tree for a quick fix, I headed back to the pits. My handlebars did not appear bent so I

put my bike on the stand, loosened the triple clamp pinch bolts and did the "bounce it a few times" trick. After buttoning it back and continuing to ride, I still noticed a minor tweak - not bad enough to quit riding but annoying.

After riding, I took the front end completely apart and greased the steering stem, then put it all back together knowing that this would certainly fix the problem. A test ride after putting back together revealed that something was still just a little "off." Bummer!!

I took my bars off AGAIN and very carefully measured and inspected. It turns out that there was a very minor tweak that was barely noticeable when looking at it but could be felt when riding. Doggonit! I just bought those bars! Anyway, for some reason, I decided to loosen the allen bolts on my crossbar. What do you know? The bars "popped" back just that little bit as soon as the bolts were loose enough. Evidently the bars flexed a little and the crossbar didn't let them return to the original shape. Cool! No new bars. Everything OK.Wife happy that I'm not spending more money...


Steve T

Thanks guys for the tips, and great news for your bars! Unfortunately upon closer inspection I did bend my bars.. :) I used your trick to realign the clamps and they seem to be ligned up fine. That darn steering stem is so tight that I couldn't even twist it out of whack when I tried to (with upper and lower clamps loose). Just like yours, it's hard to see but enough to drive me nutts. In any event, I'm back to the market for new bars... only had these for a couple of weeks... $@(*#&!..

Just had to add this last part. I've still got the stock front tire and I dropped the bike a bunch of times in the same muddy corner today (lost the front end). The last fall is what finally did it. The stock fron tire SUCKS for anything even remotely damp I've discovered. Ok done venting, back to moto!

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Sirthumpalot I take it that you opted ProTapers were to expensive.But before you plunk down another 70+bucks on 7/8" bars you should really ask yourself can I afford not to get 1 1/8 bars?

After the initial investment,the only reason to buy new bars will be to try a different bend.

As for your front tire issue I couldn't agree with you more.The owner of my local track told me that if he would have known how good the Dunlop 756 worked he would have put it on the day he got his 250f.And after only 2 rides on the stock piece-O-crap 739 I followed his advice,and made the switch.WHAT A DIFFERANCE!!!I have found that the 739 makes a nice wall decoration for my office though.

You CAN straighten bars!!

I have straightened more bars than I can remember. I even straighten the O Neil double wall bars. They no longer are produced.

Get a decent sized pipe and a friend. Stick the pipe over the end of the bar and bend whichever way it has to be. It is amazing how good you can get them.

I do know straightening weakens the metal, BUT I have NEVER seen bars break while trying to straighten them. When a buck is a buck (and my Wife HATES me spending money on my bike too) desperate people do desperate things!

Have you ever seen that bar straightener that is for sale? MXA crew does not leave for the track without it!!

Thanks again all for the replies. You're going to laugh at me, but I was in a hurry and ended up with another pair of the stock bars. I promised myself that when I bent those I would go for some pro tapers...sooo guess I owe myself some pro tapers. :) I'll try the bar straightening idea. I tried to unbend mine (not using the pipe method, good idea btw!) the bars just spun in the mount. I'll have to try from a different angle using the pipe idea.

I will have to start a new thread for tire selection once I get the cash to afford some new rubber. Unfortunately it looks like this is going on the list after new pro tapers and a new chain and sprockets. Is the 756 good for soft to intermediate?

Yes it is and it works better on hardpack than 739 also.

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