12-13 450f lowering link?

 Recently picked up a left over 13 model. I must be pretty strange, cuz I love the way it handles! My only complaint is that it is so tall I can't touch the ground on the starting line!:) Anyone care to share the experiences/recommendations on a lowering link option and the settings they run with it? Thanks for the replies.

Make sure you are properly sprung for the aftermarket link's extra leverage, and reset sag before dialing in rebound and compression. Often time the front forks need to be raised a few mm in the clamps. It's not a 1:1 ratio and not to "lower the front" but to balance out the changes to rear vs front geometry.

Thanks! I thought I read somewere about the 07 WR450 link being a viable option for this bike? Anyone else care to add? Thanks.

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