98 Wr400 has stopped working

Hey everyone I am stumped as to why the bike has stopped working. When i got the bike, it would start 3rd or 4th kick, but would not idle once the choke was off. I was riding one day when i pulled the clutch and gave it a little gas so it wouldn't shut off, when all of the sudden the bike backfired a little bit and then shut off. I got a new idle screw, new jets for the carb, and cleaned the card, but it wont start. 


The bike will backfire when trying to start, but it just wont turn over. The bike has a white boyz slip on and has the FMF reroute switch, i am unsure the actual name of the thing sorry.


The bike has a lot of pressure when trying to kick, and the spark plug is brand new, 


Any suggestions on how to get it up and running will be much appreciated, and if you need more information or if I left out an important part just ask and i will give the information that i know.


Thanks for the help in advance, also I have checked other threads before creating this and have not found anything.

Thanks for the article. I will pull the carb apart tomorrow.


Thanks for the article, I rebuilt the carb following the instructions, but I am can't locate the "hot start fitting" or step 34 in the article. I pulled up a diagram of the carb but haven't located the part.


Also my carb does not look/ has the same setup as the carb he is using.


Also whats the different between a WR400F and a WR400FK?


Sorry if the questions/comments sound dumb, this is the first time really messing with a carb, also thanks for all the help.

The 400 may not have a hot start, and probably has the older slant carb.

98 would have the remote red hot start mounted on the frame near your choke with a small hose routed to your head.

98 would have the remote red hot start mounted on the frame near your choke with a small hose routed to your head.

If I remember correctly before the bike shut off for the last time, that hose "popped" off. How would I be able to tell if the hot start is stuck open?


I will be testing the carb tomorrow to see if any parts are clogged, just have to drain my old tank and put fresh gas in it.


I will try an upload a pic of the carb, because I also wanna double check with y'all to see if the hoses are hooked up properly, but the app on my phone has stopped working and I am unsure who to contact about it.


If a Mod/Admin/Programmer sees this, after I open the app the start up ad appears and once I close the ad another one will re-appear. This is on an endless cycle, also its a Galaxy S3. Sorry if this isn't the right spot for this part.

Hey everyone just wanted to post an update. I have the carb put back together, but now no gas will come out. I am guessing that I have the correct jetting for the carb and the correct fuel/air screw.


Here are some pics of my Carb, if anyone has a recommended jet numbers for the carb please let me know. Its a WR 400 98, has a white boyz exhaust. Also for altitude, I live in Northern VA, near DC so idk what the altitude is sorry lol.









Does anyone know that if the TPS gets removed and put back but not re-synchronized, would that cause no gas to come out?


Any help would be much appreciated.

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