Needle ocfhn for WR250?

Anyone have any experience with this needle on the 250? Your help would be appreciated. :)

You might get more response on the 250 forum :)

If you check you will find I asked the Question there. If you have a proper answer don't be afraid to give it up.


I didn't mean to avoid your question and was hoping you would start the thread over there where more riders could add to it.

I brought a thread back to the top named "Want More Mid-range Power?" on the 250 forum where this was originated.


Thanks James.I have already ordered the new needle and am getting excited about trying it out. I have checked the link over the 250 side. Have you any idea why they come with a different model of needle ie: the OB series? :)

OBxxx is stock plated aluminum (Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, KTM )

OCxxx is aftermarket, made from brass material (Sudco, Carb Parts, etc)

Thanks again. :)

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